REANA uses shared filesystem for storing results of your running workflows. They may be garbage-collected after a certain period of time. You can use the reana-client download command to download the results of your workflows or copy them to your personal EOS space.

To publish your results on EOS you have to add a final step to your workflow that would copy the results of interest in the outside filesystem.

First, we have to let the REANA platform know your Kerberos keytab so that the writing is authorised. We can do this by uploading keytab and CERN username.

Second, once we have the secrets, we can use a Kerberos-aware container image (such as docker.io/reanahub/krb5) in the final publishing step of the workflow:

  type: serial
      - name: myfirststep
      - name: mysecondstep
      - name: publish
        kerberos: true
        environment: 'docker.io/reanahub/krb5'
        - mkdir -p /eos/home/j/johndoe/myanalysis-outputs
        - cp myplots/*.png /eos/home/j/johndoe/myanalysis-outputs/


Note the presence of kerberos: true classifier in the final publishing step, which tells the REANA system to initialise Kerberos authentication using provided secrets for the workflow step at hand.