Slurm is a specialized workload management system for high performance computing jobs and it is supported by REANA alongside primary job execution backend Kubernetes and HTCondor.


In order to use CERN Slurm cluster you need to be authenticated using Kerberos. Generate keytab file and upload it and your CERN username as secrets to REANA.

Specifying compute backend

In order to execute certain steps of a workflow on the CERN Slurm cluster you must specify slurmcern as the step's execution backend in the workflow specification.

   # Serial example
      - name: reana_demo_helloworld_htcondorcern
        environment: 'python:2.7-slim'
        compute_backend: slurmcern
            - python "${helloworld}"

Examples for CWL and Yadage can be found in REANA example - "hello world"

Please note that CERN Slurm cluster access is not granted by default