Configuring user access

User registration via sign up form

By exposing the REANA User Interface, the default configuration allows users to sign-up.

When accessing the UI for the first time, users will be prompted with a sign-in form and a link to the sign-up form:


After signing up, an email is sent to the user's email address for confirmation. Once the email address is confirmed, the user can then ask administrators for an access token.

If you would like to disable the email verification step, you can add REANA_USER_EMAIL_CONFIRMATION: false Helm value to components.reana_server.environment.

If you would like to disable the sign-up form completely, and add your users manually, you can configure components.reana_ui.hide_signup Helm value accordingly.

User registration via Single Sign-On

Handling of users with Single Sign-On (SSO) is also possible. Currently, this is only available for CERN deployments via components.reana_ui.cern_sso Helm value. This configuration can be combined with local users or used exclusively. When accessing the UI you will see a page like this:


When clicking on "Sign in with SSO" the users will be redirected to the corresponding login page to enter their SSO provider credentials. Once authenticated, they will be redirected back to REANA with their user logged in.

You might also want to disable the local users functionality altogether to rely only on SSO users. To do this, set components.reana_ui.local_users Helm value to false.