Configuring web interface

REANA provides administrators with the ability to customise some aspects of the web user interface to suit their specific requirements.

Changing the launcher examples

When visiting the /launch page without supplying any URL parameter, a gallery of example analyses that can be launched on the REANA cluster is shown. The list of examples can be customised by means of the components.reana_ui.launcher_examples Helm value. This value is a list of objects, each of which has the following fields:

  • name: the name of the example, which will be shown in the UI and be used to generate the analysis name.
  • url: the URL to the repository containing the example. For more info on the supported URLs, visit the related documentation page.
  • image_url: the URL to the image that will represent the example in the gallery.
  • description (optional): a brief description of what the example analysis is.
  • specification (optional): the name of the REANA specification file, if it differs from the default reana.yaml.

Below is an example YAML snippet that demonstrates how to configure the launcher examples:

    - name: CMS Higgs Tau Tau NanoAOD
      description: Analysis of Higgs boson decays to two tau leptons using data and simulation from the CMS detector
    - name: Roofit
      description: A simple example of a ROOT analysis using Roofit and the Snakemake workflow engine.
      specification: reana-snakemake.yaml

This configuration will result in the launcher page appearing as shown in the following screenshot:

Launcher examples

You can configure as many examples as you like. Alternatively, if no examples are provided, the launcher page will default to displaying three standard REANA examples:

Default launcher examples