Deploying locally

For researchers

If you are a researcher and would like to try out deploying a small REANA cluster on your laptop, you can proceed as follows.

1. Install docker, kubectl, kind, and helm dependencies:

$ firefox
$ firefox
$ firefox
$ firefox

2. Deploy REANA cluster:

$ wget
$ kind create cluster --config kind-localhost-30443.yaml
$ wget
$ sh
$ helm repo add reanahub
$ helm repo update
$ helm install reana reanahub/reana --namespace reana --create-namespace --wait

3. Create REANA admin user:

$ wget
$ sh reana reana mysecretpassword

4. Log into your REANA instance:

$ firefox https://localhost:30443

5. Follow instructions displayed on the web page to run your first REANA analysis example.

For developers

If you are a developer and would like to install REANA locally and contribute to the REANA cluster code, please see the REANA wiki on GitHub.