Closing active sessions

Jupyter notebooks based sessions

Close from command line

You can shut down a running Jupyter notebook session from the REANA-Client as follows:

$ reana-client list --sessions
NAME         RUN_NUMBER   CREATED               SESSION_TYPE   SESSION_URI                                                                           SESSION_STATUS
jupyter      1            2021-12-01T14:33:26   jupyter<your-reana-token>   created

$ reana-client close -w jupyter
==> SUCCESS: Interactive session for workflow jupyter was successfully closed

You would typically use this command after you finished exploring data in the Jupyter notebook and after you have transferred any code created in your interactive session.

Close from web interface

When a workflow has an associated Jupyter notebook session opened, a Jupyter icon will appear next to the workflow name.

To close the notebook session, go through a list of your workflows and click on the vertical ellipsis menu on the right-hand-side and select "Close Jupyter Notebook".