As described in the deploying at scale documentation, REANA needs a shared file system.

You can deploy an NFS file system inside your cluster using the official NFS Server Provisioner Helm chart.

  • 1. Create your configuration file, nfs-provisioner-values.yaml, following the documentation and adapting it to your needs. Remember to name the storage class as REANA expects it, <helm-release-prefix>-shared-volume-storage-class.
  defaultClass: true
  name: reana-shared-volume-storage-class
  • 2. Install the NFS Server Provisioner:
$ helm install reana-dev-storage stable/nfs-server-provisioner \
               -f nfs-provisioner-values.yaml
  • 3. Install REANA with NFS support:
$ helm install reana reanahub/reana --set shared_storage.backend=nfs