Deploying locally

REANA can be easily deployed locally on your laptop using Kubernetes in Docker (kind). Useful for REANA platform development.


1. Fork the REANA main repository and clone it to install reana-dev helper script:

$ git clone git clone
$ cd reana
$ virtualenv ~/.virtualenvs/reana
$ source ~/.virtualenvs/reana/bin/activate
(reana) $ pip install . --upgrade

2. Fork and clone all REANA cluster components repositories:

(reana) $ reana-dev git-fork -c ALL
(reana) $ eval "$(reana-dev git-fork -c ALL)"
(reana) $ reana-dev git-clone -c ALL -u johndoe

3. Create a new REANA cluster:

(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-create

4. Build all components:

(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-build

5. Deploy REANA:

(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-deploy --admin-email --admin-password 123456

6. Run an example:

(reana) $ reana-dev run-example -c reana-demo-helloworld


REANA can be deployed in development mode with code reload and debugging capabilities:

(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-create --mode debug
(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-build --mode debug
(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-deploy --mode debug

Also, you can build and deploy REANA without the UI component:

(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-build --exclude-components=r-ui
(reana) $ reana-dev cluster-deploy